There is no better option than an escape room.

Escape rooms are fun, exciting, productive and challenging. To successfully escape our rooms, your team must work as a cohesive unit. The very same skills that make for a successful escape are also vital to a successful business. You must have faith and trust in your team, while communicating and making rapid fire decisions together. Most importantly though, you will have fun along the way to achieving a common goal: it's team building that doesn't FEEL like team building.

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To offer you the best possible outing, we team up with our other vendors to provide an unforgettably enjoyable experience. Whether you'd like to combine our Escape Rooms with a meal, buffet or some other activity such as FunGolf, we promise this will be the best outing you've ever had. 

We price our group outings on an individual basis because let's face it, every group wants and needs different things.

CONTACT US to learn more about our great partnerships and all the options we offer for our corporate and group outings!