Bermuda's best, truly unique escape rooms.

Escape Rooms are the newest craze sweeping the globe and now, Bermuda - a fun, brain-busting, team-building, adrenaline-packed experience. After entering a themed room with your team, the door is closed behind you and the clock starts! You have 60 minutes!! You and your friends must work together, finding clues and solving puzzles that lead to your escape. As the clock ticks down, you will realise this is the most action packed fun you've had in a long time. Escape as fast as possible, or you might just get Locked on the Rock!   FAQ's

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Unique, Bermudian escape rooms !
Detailed, story-driven games featuring Bermuda and our culture. Our games are exciting, immersive, challenging and Bermudian !
The Tucker Cross / Cupmatch Hangover

A combination of everything !
Interactive gaming, scavenger hunt, puzzle solving and a constant race against the clock. There is never a dull moment in the room.


Fullly private rooms !
Escape rooms are simply more fun with a group you know. That's why all our rooms are private at no extra cost! Pick your team wisely...

Our games are amazingly successful for team building! Your group will have to stay organised and work together to get out in time.